Monday, 19 June 2017

Review: Diamond Rings are Deadly Things

Diamond Rings are Deadly Things (Wedding Planner Mysteries #1)
Rachelle J Christensen

Following a traumatic experience, wedding planner Adrielle Pyper has relocated to Sun Valley, Idaho and is busy establishing her fledgling business with the help of her friend Lorea.  They have already managed to land two celebrity clients – one a sweetheart and the other a bridezilla.  A shipment of speciality wedding dresses imported from China is vandalised and soon Adri and Lorea have a whole host of problems on their hands.  Adri’s aren’t limited to her wedding business alone though, as she has two men vying for her attention.  Shy waiter and realtor Dallas Reynolds is determined to take her on as many dates as she’ll allow him, but she also keeps crossing paths with the gorgeous Luke Stetson.  There is never a quiet moment in Adri’s life!

This first book in the Wedding Planner Mysteries series comes highly recommended to lovers of the cozy mystery genre.  Ms Christensen tells an enjoyable story with an easy-to-read writing style.  She constructs her tale well with a good balance between the details of wedding planning, the mystery, and Adri’s personal life.  The characters are well-defined and likeable (well, the ones that are supposed to be) and there is plenty to keep a reader's interest.  What was the trauma that happened to Adri before the start of the book?  Which of the two men will win Adri’s heart?  And, of course, who is behind the attacks on Adri’s business?  To add the icing to the (wedding) cake, readers are also treated to a craft idea or recipe at the start of each chapter.  What makes these unique is that they come from an actual website run by “Adri and her mother”.  Although the mystery is solved by the end of the book, readers will doubtless want to continue to follow Adri’s story into the next one.