Friday, 10 March 2017

Introducing the Behest Indie Novelist Services Blog

Welcome to Behest Indie Novelist Services' blog, which I hope you'll find interesting, useful, and maybe even entertaining, whether you're a booklover or an author.

I plan to cover a variety of different areas on the blog, and to share helpful hints and tips to assist those of you who are writers in polishing up your work.  I'll look at commonly confused homonyms and some of those niggly little grammar points that can present difficulties.  I'll discuss the origins and usage of various words and phrases to help authors to iron out some of those anachronisms that creep into historical fiction.  And, being British, I'll share things about different areas of British life and culture that, if you're a writer of fiction set in the UK, past or present, will hopefully help to make your settings and characters more authentic.  I have plenty of examples from my own reading, as well as from working with clients, that I hope will be enlightening.

Finally, just because I love to read and write reviews, I'll be posting some professional reviews of books on my current reading list.  It's likely that, as these will be books that I'm reading in my own leisure time for pleasure, they will mostly be given a good rating.  Life's too short, after all, to spend time reading books you don't enjoy!  It's not that I rate every book highly, it's just that the ones that aren't going to make the grade never reach the finish line.

I hope that all of you, authors and readers alike, will enjoy the blog.  If you ever have any questions or ideas for a subject for a post, no matter how small, I would love to hear from you on  

Thank you for reading and please do come again.

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